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Calling wsadmin scripts from ant

You can simply add the following to a target. For the following wsadmin should be in your PATH env. < exec dir="." executable="wsadmin.bat" logError="true" failonerror="true" output="wsconfig.out" > < arg line="-lang jython -f ../../"/ > < /exec > All output will be logged to wsconfig.out

wasprofile -create -delete

Sometimes you require to do things silently, without any questions asked and “Just Do It” attitude is required. I often find my self with this problem. If you want to delete or create a Websphere profile from your command line try the following. (I have tried on RSA only) # deleteing a profile wasprofile -delete -profileName MyProfile You should get the following message on deletion INSTCONFSUCCESS: Success: The profile no longer exists.

HowTo create a JDBC provider with wsadmin scripting - Jython

Last week I wrote a post about creating MQQueues with jacl. However today I am moving to Jython. This is the new scripting languauge supported by the wsadmin. The following write-up helps you create a JDBC provider using Jython in 6 easy stepsĀ on the wsadmin console. *Pre requirements: *Following should be known to start using this tutorial. How to launch the wsadmin with Jython enabled. *Where will I find the wsadmin?

Creating the MQQueues with wsadmin scripting - JACL Part 2

Yesterday I wrote an article about creating and configuring the MQQueueConnectionFactory with the JACL on the wsadmin console. The other half of the article that was left out was to create the queues also. The world looks pretty much the same today and my /etc/profile doesnt seemed to have been sourced again. Good we dont need a restart. You would find some of the steps to be similar and that is because we are running on the same configs.

Creating the MQQueueConnectionFactory with wsadmin scripting - JACL Part 1.

While working my way in some piece of long java code I came across this huge pile of sand that just shattered me off every bit of patience I was left with. The dilemma all of us face every second day. CONFIGURATIONS!! While my sarcastic mind was just saying Congratulations to me instead. And just how the - would you expect me to start configuring now. So what exactly is my problem?