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Java monitoring: Exploring Cryostat 2.4 features on OpenShift

Orignally posted at Red Hat Developers Red Hat’s latest build of Cryostat 2.4, designed specifically for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, brings a wealth of features and enhancements that cater to various monitoring needs for Java applications. At its core, Cryostat 2.4 excels in comprehensive Java Flight Recorder (JFR) data management. Users can effortlessly start, stop, retrieve, archive, import, and export JFR data, all through an intuitive web console or an accessible HTTP API.

Whats New for developers in JDK 21

Orignally posted at Red Hat Developers In an exciting development for Java developers, this September 19th marked the release of JDK 21. This release contains many new capabilities that benefit the Java ecosystem, including virtual threads, record patterns, and sequenced collections. There are also some interesting features in the preview for JDK 21, such as string templates, scoped values, and structured concurrency. This article highlights six new features in this release.