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Processing images in Java with OpenCV and Quarkus

If you are into Computer vision, you probably are familiar with OpenCV. Its an amazing library that has almost everything one needs to do 2D and 3D processing and much more. Gesture recognition, face detection, Motion tracking, think of anything related to image processing and OpenCV can be your goto. Its based on the BSD license, so you can just download it and start using it. OpenCV is written in C, and there are nice Java bindings for it too.

Deploy Quarkus everywhere with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

Orignally posted at Red Hat Developers Java is one of the most used languages out there and has been in the top three for the last two decades. Java powers millions of applications across verticals and platforms. Linux is widely deployed in data centers, Edge networks, and Cloud. Today we announce the availability of Quarkus for all our Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) customers. If you are running RHEL, you can now also run Red Hat Build of Quarkus (RHBQ).