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Keycloak Operator for Kubernetes - a Basic Tutorial

The Keycloak team announced that they were going to move to a new Operator framework that will effictevely manage Keycloak installatons on a Kubernetes cluster. So what is an Operator in the Kubernetes context. Simplyfying it a bit here… Its basically a component that takes over the operational aspects of your application. So rather then managing all of the lifecycle and state in scripts and in our minds in someways is coded into an operator.

How-to configure your first user with OpenShift IDP - htpasswd

There are multiple options to configure OpenShift integration with an IDP. Usually one would use something like an LDAP, AD (Active Directory) for use in a production cluster or a corporate environment. This guide is a basic how-to in configuring using the htpasswd file which is one of the IDP integration options in Openshift 4.x. htpasswd is a tool used to create and update the flat-files used to store usernames and password for basic authentication of HTTP users.