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Calling wsadmin scripts from ant

You can simply add the following to a target. For the following wsadmin should be in your PATH env. < exec dir="." executable="wsadmin.bat" logError="true" failonerror="true" output="wsconfig.out" > < arg line="-lang jython -f ../../"/ > < /exec > All output will be logged to wsconfig.out

wasprofile -create -delete

Sometimes you require to do things silently, without any questions asked and “Just Do It” attitude is required. I often find my self with this problem. If you want to delete or create a Websphere profile from your command line try the following. (I have tried on RSA only) # deleteing a profile wasprofile -delete -profileName MyProfile You should get the following message on deletion INSTCONFSUCCESS: Success: The profile no longer exists.

HowTo create a JDBC provider with wsadmin scripting - Jython

Last week I wrote a post about creating MQQueues with jacl. However today I am moving to Jython. This is the new scripting languauge supported by the wsadmin. The following write-up helps you create a JDBC provider using Jython in 6 easy stepsĀ on the wsadmin console. *Pre requirements: *Following should be known to start using this tutorial. How to launch the wsadmin with Jython enabled. *Where will I find the wsadmin?