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Setup docker on Fedora 33

I use Fedora as my regular Linux. And I have been doing that for years now, even though I am a developer its simple and straight forward enough to get my way around. It has some great features and spins. You should check it out at Fedora project Here is a quick list of things that worked for me to setup docker on Fedora 33. I followed the guidelines here. Plus some more to config the firewall and user access.

Howto setup ssh with selinux and firewalld

While running fedora, if you want to change the port for your ssh, just changing the firewall rules will not make a difference. If you are running selinux its important that you change the policy to allow a different port as well. I did learn it the hard way though, hopefully the following guide should be helpful. Lets start by an introduction to semanage. From man Description semanage is used to configure certain elements of SELinux policy without requiring modification to or recompilation from policy sources.

FedUp and Fedora 18

Just now I made the update from Fedora 17 to 18. I didnt know that fedora 18 has a new update util called fedUp. If you are interested you could read here: Just do the following yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install fedup And then fedup --network 18 It should ask for a reboot after some downloads, and that should just do the trick. atleast it did for me.