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Setup docker on Fedora 33

I use Fedora as my regular Linux. And I have been doing that for years now, even though I am a developer its simple and straight forward enough to get my way around. It has some great features and spins. You should check it out at Fedora project Here is a quick list of things that worked for me to setup docker on Fedora 33. I followed the guidelines here. Plus some more to config the firewall and user access.

Creating and deploying a Java 8 runtime container image

Orignally posted at Red Hat Developers A Java runtime environment should be able to run compiled source code, whereas a development kit, for example, OpenJDK, would include all the libraries/binaries to compile and run the source code. Essentially the latter is a superset of the runtime environment. More details on OpenJDK support and lifecycle can be found here. Red Hat ships and supports container images with OpenJDK for both Java 8 and 11.