everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler - Albert Einstein

I am sitting in a design room today designing a simple requirement for a client. He wants me to enhance the transfer money from one account to another. Just that it happens that I have my best friend Yuky sitting right next to me. He is damn good in Maths and extra ordinarily knows all the calculations on his tips. I am sure if I had asked him what was the angle of sight to the light on the wall he could just tell me in a few seconds looking with 10 eyes at his 12 fingers, trust me it will be correct.

Just that I cannot ignore his brilliance and just that I admire it sometimes and posed to be inspired by it all the time, I don’t agree with it all the time!

And this is what I mention here today.KISS (Keep it simple, short and stupid)

Rule# 1.  Don’t try to be a super genius.

Rule# 2. Don’t over do it!

Rule# 3. Break down your problems

Rule# 4. Common Sense has to prevail

Rule# 5. Keep your mess small, don’t litter around the park.

Most importantly keep everything short, simple and stupid.

I recently had to deliver a few minutes inspirational presentation on Test Driven Development and especially about KISS. Attached is some of the material. Feel free to explore.

What is the KISS principle?

Could be more simpler :-)